Inner column components can consist of lineshaft, oil tubing, line shaft bearings, bearing retainers, rubber inserts, and rubber black widow centering spiders depending upon whether it is a water lubricated or oil lubricated pumping assembly. All of these components are specifically manufactured per the requirements of our customers. Bearing retainers can be provided in lead free bronze or stainless steel.  Furnished along with these retainers are rubber or vesconite inserts. Rubber black widow centering spiders are also furnished for oil lubricated pumping assemblies. Mid-stretch bearings can be designed and manufactured for specific settings. Woodline tube and shaft assemblies are also available. All lineshafting is straightened to industry standards. Lineshaft sleeves can also be installed as per customer request. Threaded lineshaft can be manufactured from C-1045, 316 SST, and 416 SST stock with 8, 10, 12, and 14 threads per inch (TPI).