Ductile Fabricated Pipe

Ductile iron pipe is commonly utilized as process piping in water and sewage treatment facilities.  Flanged ductile iron pipe is fabricated per customer specifications by means of threading the pipe and mounting threaded companion flanges.  Ductile iron pipe can be lined and coated as per the customer requirements and/or specifications.

Steel Fabrications

Fabricated steel piping can be manufactured to meet any configuration, material design, and/or flange specification.  Both stainless steel and carbon steel material is utilized for fabrication.

Valve Stem Extensions

A valve stem provides the necessary actuation of valve components. Valve stems can be fabricated to meet customer requirements and specifications.  These stems can be specifically manufactured for any installation, make, model, etc.

Pipe Supports

Pipe supports are required to eliminate the load transfer to associated piping and supporting structure.  A properly designed pipe support, will anchor, guide, absorb shock, and support a specified load.  Pipe supports are specifically fabricated to meet the customers’ requirements and specifications.


Vents can be manufactured out of many different types of materials with dimensions to meet any requirement or specification.


Fittings are commonly furnished along with our ductile fabricated pipe.  Fittings can be lined and coated as per the customer.  The types of fittings that can be furnished consist of but are not limited to: 90 deg bends, long radius 90 deg bends, tee reducing on run and/or on Run and Branch, eccentric reducers, laterals (45 deg), true wyes, side outlet tee or cross, wyes, flange X flare, etc.


Custom Pipe & Fabrication Inc. is proud to be an approved and authorized applicator for Induron Ceramapure™ PL90 and Portecto 401.