Custom Pipe & Supply was founded in 1972 with the goal of providing quality products to contractors, manufacturers and suppliers in the water well industry.  It located its first plant in Santa Ana, California.  A year later, K&K Supply, Inc. began operations in Lubbock, Texas with the same focus and purpose.

In 1981 Custom Pipe & Supply changed its name to Custom Pipe & Coupling Co., Inc. and  relocated to a significantly larger facility in Stanton, California where its primary West Coast manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are still located.  In 1985 K&K Supply moved to Conroe, Texas where it remains as the company’s primary manufacturing facility serving the Central and Eastern United States.

In 1999, Custom Pipe opened a facility in Lubbock to better serve its customers in the central region.

In December 2004, recognizing that  the strategic goals of both companies were similar and that there was an opportunity to strengthen both, Custom Pipe & Coupling acquired K&K Supply.  The two entities continued to operate under their original names.

The companies continued to grow with the addition of facilities in Fresno, California (2009), Phoenix, Arizona (2012), Woodburn, Oregon (2015), Clovis, New Mexico (2016), Plant City, Florida (2018), and Winter Haven, Florida (2018).

In order to promote its nationwide presence, K&K supply was merged into Custom Pipe in July 2018 and the name was changed to Custom Pipe & Fabrication Inc. which also reflects the expansion of its product lines and manufacturing capabilities.

Today, Custom Pipe & Fabrication is committed to continuous improvement in both quality and service by upgrading its facilities and  increased personnel training.  Our nationwide team is committed to not just maintaining but improving quality of our products and the exceptional service that has been provided since 1972.

Custom Pipe & Fabrication is focused on the three things which we believe will lead to a successful organization.  They are Safety, Quality, and Production.  Every single one of our employees must go home safe each night and it is the obligation of every employee to ensure that this is the case.  Our products must meet the highest quality standards so that our customers are confident in their application and performance.  Production is critical so that we meet the time demands of our customers.

Custom Pipe & Fabrication and its employees are proud to be the premier source for the highest quality products and materials and service for the water industry.