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Ductile Iron Pipe

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Ductile Iron Pipe has many unique and desirable capabilities which combines the physical strength of mild steel with the proven longevity of grey cast iron. This combination enables ductile pipe to "bend and flex" under stress while other pipe materials may fail.

Ductile Iron evolved from a metallurgical process which involes the addition of magnesium to the molten iron. The basic composition remains unaltered while the flake graphite structure becomes nodular in form thereby increasing the tensile strength.

This molten metal is then centrifugally cast in water cooled metal molds. The cast pipe is then subjected to heat treatment in an annealing oven. After the pipe cools it is then passed to the finsih line which includes hydrostatic testing, cement lining, coating and final inspection. The superior strength and toughness of Ductile Iron provides a great margin of safety against failure and resists breakage during transportation and installation.