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Groove Piping

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Grooved and shoulder pipe has been used for water and wastewater treatment plant piping for over 50 years. More recently grooved ductile iron pipe and fittings have become the preferred piping system by many owners, engineers and contractors as the means of pipe fabrication in lieu of flanged fabrication.

This standard covers pipe and fitting to be used for water,air,sewage,sludge and other liquids. The joint employs shoulders or grooves to be used in conjunction with a segmented mechanical coupling.

AWWA provided a standard (AWWA C-606) for grooved fabrication through 24" and shouldered through 60" piping. This standard augments AWWA C-606 to include grooved pipe fabrication through 36", and grooved fittings through 36".

Grooves are cut by machining the outside diameter of the ductile iron pipe ends to yield specific dimension compatible with the grooved segmented couplings. Grooving dimensions are the same for any one pipe O.D. regardless of pipe class or pressure rating. The outside surface of the pipe between the groove and the pipe end must be clean and free from pits or swells to provide a leaktight sealing surface for the gasket.

The joint may be designed to be fabricated as rigid or flexible to meet installation requirements. For complete design details refer to AWWA C-606