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Flanged Piping

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Ductile iron pipe is commonly fabricated for use as interior process piping in water and sewage treatment facilities and has been covered by ANSI standards since 1926. Under direction of Committee A/21 of AWWA, this standard is subject to periodic review and is updated to include fabricator practices reflecting current usage in the in the industry.

Flanged ductile iron pipe is fabricated by means of threading the pipe and attaching threaded companion flanges in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C115/A21.15.

Taper pipe threads in accordance with ANSI B2.1 table 15.1 and 15.2 of above standard.

Machine tightened flanges and pipe ends shall be faced after fabrication.

Length, weight and fabrication mark, (if other than flange manufacture) must appear on each piece of fabricated pipe.